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Age groups:

U13 (borne 2007 or after) and U17 (born 2003 or after) Girls can play as well in the teams!


Szombathely, a beatiful city in the western part of Hungary. Same pool where the 2013 Junior World Championships, and the 2018 Youth World Championships took place.


24-26th July 2020.


Available till 31.05.2020


The entrance fee is 150,00€ per team. If you enroll for more than 2 teams you will get a discount, and the fee will be 125,00€ per team. You have to pay it till 31.05.2020.

The participant fee:

60,00€/day in youth hotel,
80,00€/day in 3 stars hotel,
100€/day in 4 stars hotel for each player.

You have to pay in 2 part:
1-st part till 15.06.2020.
2-nd part till 30.06.2020.

This includes: breakfast (till the day of departure), lunch, dinner (from the day of arrival), medical care and “YWPC T-shirt”. If you want extra meal for the day of arrival or departure you will have to pay separately.
For each team, the two managers' arrangements will be free of charge (in case of 4 nights and 14 players or more) 


In both age groups:
Medal and cup for all the participating teams,

Best goalie,
Best player,
Top scorer. 


23rd: arrival at Szombathely, accreditation and pick up of the tournament kit,

24th: qualification games
25th: qualification games
26th: semi finals and finals, closing ceremony

27th: traveling home or to Budapest
You have chance to stay in Budapest for a training camp. It has an extra charge. Including: 3 stars hotel, full board, and cultural programs in Budapest. For more information please contact us!

The rules:

7 players (6 + goalie) in the water and 7 substitutes.
The minimum recommended number of players is 11.
Teams can be made up of more than 14 players,
but only 14 can play in each match.

Field of play:
The field of play is a maximum size of 25 x 20m. and a minimum size of 21 x 14m.

Goal face dimensions: 3 meters (crossbar) x 0,90 meters (posts)

Under 17: number 5
Under 13: number 4

Duration of the game:
4 periods of 8 minutes with a 1-minute interval between the periods. Time is continuous. The team in possession of the ball has a limit of 30 seconds

The basic rules will be the FINA rules

1 referee per game except the semi finals and finals 

Swimsuits and towels

Here are our swimsuits and towels for the YWPC 2018.  You can still order here for the tournament. 


Swimsuits: 25 Euro

   Towels: 30 Euro


Click here and you can download the English entry form. Please fill it.

Click here and you can download the registration form. Please fill it.

If you already filled the registration form, please send it by e-mail.

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