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Youth Waterpolo Carneval is a Hungarian waterpolo tournament organized in Szombathely. The founder was Vincze Balázs, the former Hungarian national player.

​Szombathely is a beautiful city in western Hungary. The games takes places at the same pool where the 2013 Junior Word Championships, the Youth Word Championships was in 2018 and several international tournaments was held.

​There is a chance for you to visit Hungary for an international sport competition in 2019. We have a strong polo background, which makes it a perfect destination for young athletes. Come and improve your skills! This is for club teams and gives people the chance to play against all different countries in the tournament. It is a great chance for you to prepare yourself to be in the best shape in your national championships.

​YWPC has three age groups U13, U15 and U17. Girls can play as well. Eastern YWPC takes place in April and the YWPC Summer in August.

We also organize training camps in cooperation with clubs from Budapest in the whole season.


Vincze Balázs (head of YWPC OC): I'm glad that what we planned for a year has come true. According to the feedback they are enjoying themselves the quality is good. It's a special pleasure that many parents have accompanied the children from abroad as well.


Szécsi Zoltán: I think every event like this is important. The atmosphere is great, there are a lot of spectators. Everything is professional, the field is extremely nice. It's even good for an adult tournament.

Maxim Apanasenko (coach of Racing Club de France): RCF has had an amazing experience participating in the YWPC. We have improved our game in a very nice and collaborative environment and have made new friends that we hope to see again next year. The sport facilities were great and the team has loved not only the pool but also the slide.

Bánhidy András (coach of FTC U13): It's a real waterpolo festival. Nice city, nice pool, good games and good music. We were delighted to participate on the YWPC 2017.

Anja Tuomija Busk (manager of Kuhat U13, Finland): YWPC 2017 was an amazing tournament to attend to. We absolutely loved it. It was well organized and a great opportunity for us to compete against other countries.

Fehér Zoltán (U17 Győr): YWPC is a very good opportunity for players. The mood is very good. Especially I like the music during the games.

Lluc Bertran (U17 BWMF, Spain, MVP U17 category): I think YWPC is one of the best tournament I've ever taken part in.

Tátrai Ákos (U13 Sopron): I think this is the best tournament I have ever taken part in and I'm happy that our team became fourth. Next time we try to be the winner!

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